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Truely the best way to make nice barbecues - FrenchBBQ

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  • We'll teach you to make BBQs, step by step.

    With our nice hand made videos, even your 2 years old child will be able to make good barbecues. Prepare your meat and your BBQ sauce, it is time to eat.

  • Good meat thanks to a good fire.

    STOOOOOP ! Do you really think your meat looks bad because your meat is bad? Liar! All meats are good when the fire is under control. Become the fire master.

  • Enjoy good sausages.

    Enough of eating half cooked or over burnt sausages and your professional BBQ? Just learn how to succeed and impress your friends with the best sausages ever, yeaaah.

“FrenchBBQ is the best way to impress your family, your friends and your neighbors”

Join the community and enjoy nice sausages, meat, veggies.